Symphony in August

Nominated for the Film Competition category
at the 13th Future Film Festival
(April 20 through 23, 2011 in Bologna, Italy)
Screening in Singapore on Jan 30, 2011.
Screening by official invitation at the 4th Seoul International Family Film Festival!
(October 27 through November 2, 2010 in Seoul, Korea)
2nd Prize of Public Award for Best Animated Film and 3rd Prize of Junior Jury Award at the 15th Lyon Asian Film Festival
(2009 / Lyon, France)
Very impressive film based on the real story
"Mom, I will be a singer."Ai, a 16 year old girl, promised her mother to make her dream come true, and came to Tokyo alone at the time of high school entrance.
With no friends and no support in Tokyo, she started with the street performances. Her steady activities finally led a miracle in the summer of 2003…
Ai Kawashima
Ai Kawashimaa popular singer-songwriteramong young people in Japan.
She is a young and energetic girl. But people scarcely know the harsh environment of her life.
"Symphony in August" is based on her autobiography "Saigo no Kotoba" ("The Last Words"). Director and the scenario writer is Akio Nishizawa, who won the various prizes in overseas film festivals.
"Animation" exceeds so-called "anime".
Director Nishizawa Director Nishizawa represented the founder of "Tsugaru-shamisen" (a shamisen is a Japanese traditional three-stringed musical instrument) in his first work "NITABOH", and he chose "Doyo" (Japanese traditional children's songs) as a motif in the second work "Furusato- JAPAN."
Both of works are highly evaluated among the International Film Festivals and also won the Grand Prizes.
This time he focused on Ai Kawashima's songs which include her strong messages for people of today, and succeed to complete a very impressive film which consists of the celluloid pictures, computer graphics and video recorded tape.
The time is in 2002 - 2003 in Shibuya, the play town of young men. He represents the human relationships, the bond of Ai and her mother, heart-warming communication with young guys who strived to realize her dream.
NITABOH, the Shamisen Master “Japan, Our Homeland (Furusato-JAPAN)