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Ai Kawashima Profile

Ai Kawashima Profile

Ai Kawashima

Born February 26, 1986 in Fukuoka, Japan.
She started to go to a music school in Fukuoka when she was 3 years old. She won the grand prizes at various musical contests at the age of 12. She came alone to Tokyo to be a professional singer, but couldn’t realize it easily. She decided to do 1,000 times street performances, and started singing in Shibuya in February, 2002.
Later, Ai happened to meet the early members of TSUBASA Entertainment Group (the agency of her music). With their support, her performances were getting developed little by little. After a while, she became to be called “an Angel on the Street “.

She also sang in the unit (vocal & piano) named “I WiSH“. Their debut single “Asu he no Tobira” (“The Door to Tomorrow”) , the theme song of a popular TV program, sold a million units topping the Japanese Sales Chart over two weeks. She performed as both “ai” of “I WiSH“ and “Ai Kawashima” herself for a few years. In March, 2005, “I WiSH“ broke up to concentrate on her solo performances.

She’s had many more singles and albums ranked in the sales chart as a solo singer. On the other hand, she willingly works for the social contribution, such as: the annual free live performances in the shopping arcade in Kobe city where was seriously damaged from Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in 1995, building schools in Asian and African countries at her own expense, and so on.

In her autobiography “Saigo no Kotoba” (“The Last Words”), she wrote her personal history. Various mass media introduced it so far such as a charity TV program “24 Hour Television / Love Saves the Earth” The film “Symphony in August” is based on this book.