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Misato Fukuen

Ai -------------------------------- Misato Fukuen

The protagonist of this story. She came alone to Tokyo from Fukuoka when she was just 15 years old. She has a strong dream to be a professional singer, which is also her mother’s. She started hopeful life in Tokyo. However, she was fired by her agency. Nevertheless, she didn’t give up on her dream. She decided to do 1000 times street performances.
Ai’s mother
Keiko Takahashi

Ai’s mother -------------------- Keiko Takahashi

She loves Ai. Ai is her everything. She had a strong dream that Ai would be a singer. So she overworked because her husband had died of. She financially helped Ai’s going to high school in Tokyo in spite of her poor health. She cheers her up over the phone from Fukuoka.
President Akiba
Kazuya Takahashi

President Akiba -------------- Kazuya Takahashi

He is 35 years old, a young capable president of a marketing company. On the other hand he supports a student business seminar and offers a part of his office for the students aiming to be entrepreneurs. He is so unconventional and openhearted that the students respect him. When he speaks passionately, his tone gradually gets rude, but he is mentally romantic and is easily moved to tears.
An old man
Gaku Yamamoto

An old man --------------------- Gaku Yamamoto

He is a homeless who settled down in the suburban park in Tokyo. His face is dark but his eyes are gentle. Once he had a glorious time, now he is isolated from his family. But he seems to enjoy his present life. He thought there was nothing precious than success in the business when he had a glorious time. Now he is well aware of something truly precious.
Takeshi Ishida
Wataru Takagi

Takeshi Ishida ------------------ Wataru Takagi

He is a leader of the student business seminar. A Funny character and full of leadership, he is reliable among the students. On the other hand he is sometimes careless and a bit ignorant.
Shoji Seo
Hiroyuki Yoshino

Shoji Seo --------------------- Hiroyuki Yoshino

He supports Takeshi Ishida as a sub leader of the student seminar. In contrast to Ishida, he is so observant and acts carefully. He always keeps calm even when his friends get high.
Fumito Nakai
Takahiro Mizushima

Fumito Nakai -------------- Takahiro Mizushima

He is gentle and impressive. He is the only one who is very familiar with music in the student seminar. Different from other students like Ishida or Seo, his attitude is very polite and his fashion is smart as well. Developing his affable personality, he is in charge of negotiation and persuasion in Ai’s project to be a singer.
Izumi Umesawa
Hitomi Ando

Izumi Umesawa ------------------- Hitomi Ando

Izumi Umesawa is an active college student. She is prompt and acts smartly. Her opinions are always precise. So she is also a good advisor to Ai, and looks after her just like her elder sister.