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Ai Kawashima, a singer-songwriter who called “an Angel on the Street.”
Her three major objectives were to do 1,000 times street performances, to sell 5,000 CDs by hand and to hold her own concert at Shibuya Music Hall. People scarcely know her harsh environment of the life by then, that is, “Is that true?” they asked. But, that’s true!

“Symphony in August” is the real story based on her autobiography “Saigo no Kotoba” (“The Last Words”). That consists of the warmhearted persons, a young president of a marketing company and some college students who respected him. They made an adolescent drama about friendship, love, single-minded attitude, above all the enthusiasm. “Symphony in August” strikes in the hearts of all the seers because it’s the film sublimated such universal themes.

Director Akio Nishizawa broke through the four “weak points” in the animation film world-expressing the real characters, the daily life acts, musical works, mob characters (anonymous passers-by in the background). In this film, a lot of Ai’s original songs are used. They are not as a BGM, but as the real performances. As a matter of course, his film needed highly skillful techniques. That is to say, it’s Nishizawa’s breakthrough. He hopes you would appreciate the film as a motion picture, not merely one of so-called Japanese animes.

Director Nishizawa has great track records. His first work named “NITABOH” won the Grand Prize at SICAF Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival 2006 in South Korea, and his second work called “Furusato-JAPAN” also won the Grand Prize at Lyon Asian Film Festival 2006 in France. In this third film, he challenged again to depict “the human bond” and “the wonderfulness of human beings” which exceeded the previous works.

WAO World the production studio that satisfied Nishizawa’s demands, completed those three animated films. The members of WAO World showed the brand-new techniques. Nishizawa hold Ai’s live concert at Shibuya Music Hall in order for expressing the real musical performances in his animated film. He also directed the real performances for the professional theater members in order to reflect them in his film. Nishizawa’s enthusiastic passion to express the reality is unprecedented in the past animated films in Japan.

The animated film which exceeds ordinary making methods has at last completed. His original techniques combined with the hitherto ones, pursuing its reality as cited above. That is this 120 minutes film.

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